Analyze for alcohol in samples of blood or blood serum taken from DWI or DUI clients. We provide a check on the work performed by laboratories hired by the prosecution.

Analyze for alcohol on samples taken from the Intoxilyzer 5000 machine and captured on silica gel – (NH Only).

Formulate Alcohol Absorption and Elimination Profiles using the "Kinetics Model," which shows the BAC levels for the complete drinking episode.
Other models are also used.

Review and critique analytical results produced by other laboratories.

Expert testimony in the fields of gas chromatography and pharmacokinetics of alcohol metabolism (alcohol absorption and elimination)

We forward samples to other laboratories for additional testing such as drug and DNA analysis. We provide the chain of custody.

Why use CGLabs?

CG Labs, Inc. specializes in the analysis of alcohol in Blood and Captured Breath. It is the concentration of our entire business.


The Laboratory is accredited by ASCLD/LAB-International in the category of Human Performance Forensic Toxicology (Blood/Alcohol only).

We use only the best equipment to ensure that you get the most accurate analysis.

We are a small company providing friendly, personalized attention.

The equipment is customized for the analysis of alcohol.   The columns in the Gas Chromatograph are designed specifically for alcohol, and the Gas Chromatograph is strictly dedicated to the analyses of alcohol.

The samples are analyzed by degreed chemists only.

If testimony in court is required, John Godfrey, chemist with 17 years experience testifying in many states, has the technical knowledge and credentials to be convincing to the Judge and Jury.

Gas Chromatography is the preferred method for the analyses of alcohol in blood.