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Release Form, required for CG Labs, LLC to pick up blood samples held at the NH Department of Safety


Work Request Form, used to request work from CG Labs, LLC Most often used for drug or DNA testing requests.

Questionnaire form for producing a BAC Profile

Saf-C 6300, State of New Hampshire Administrative Rules governing Captured Breath

Saf-C 6400, State of New Hampshire Administrative Rules governing Blood


Mark Stevens, Salem, NH. He has completed the National DUI Defense School. We both completed Intox 5000 training together. He is definitely a DWI specialist, licensed in NH and MA.


Ray Raimo, Raimo and Murphy, PC, Manchester NH 625-2152. Ray Raimo specializes in DWI's throughout the state. Ray has been my longest standing and most prolific client.

Ryan Russman, Russman Law Offices, Exeter, NH. Ryan took over where his dad left off, an excellent DWI attorney. We both completed Intox 5000 training together.

Andrew Cotrupi, Hampton, NH. Andrew has completed the NHTSA Field Sobriety and Intoxilyzer training. He was successful in pleading State v. Dilboy to the US Supreme court, a DWI case.

John J. Tenn, Tenn and Tenn, Manchester, NH. John and I completed Intox 5000 training together. John is also certified to administer the Standard Field Sobriety Test & a member of the National College for DUI Defense.

Leonard Harden, Lancaster & Littleton, NH. Len serves the North Country with distinction. We both completed Intox 5000 training together.


Andrew Winters and Jon Cohen, Cohen & Winters, Concord, NH. These guys recently joined forces, but each is a specialist in DWI law.

Paul Garrity, Londonderry, NH. I have been to court many times with Paul, and I can't remember him ever losing.

Craig & Gatzoulis, Manchester, NH. Two former prosecutors who now enjoy representing DWI defendents.


James Rosenberg, Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. Concord, NH. Jim once worked for the NH Attorney General's office. He now does lots of DWI's!


Patrick Donovan, Salem, NH. A former prosecutor who is now heavily into the DWI business

Timothy Harrington Shaheen & Gordon P.A, Dover, NH. Tim handles all of the seacoast DWI's for Shaheen & Gordon.


Albert Hansen Normand and Associates, Manchester, NH. Al has been associated with several law firms in the past, but he is always involved with DWI's.

Joe Welsh & Richard Samdperil, Exeter, NH. Practicing DWI Defense for more than 15 years on the seacoast.


John Durkin, Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin, P.A., Dover, NH. John consistently sends samples to us.

Ted Lothstein, Concord, NH. Ted has been using CG Labs, Inc. for years. He and I have done trainings together on DWI defense for hundreds of NH lawyers, including public defender and private practice attorneys, hosted by the NH Public Defender and NH Bar Association. Ted, literally, "Wrote the Book" for DWI defense.


Brad Davis, Seufert Professional Association, Franklin, NH. Brad is the go to DWI guy in the Franklin/Tilton area.


Paul Twomey, Epson, NH. Paul has been in the DWI business for a very long time. Paul is mostly known for the high profile criminal cases he has handled, but he also knows how to handle DWI cases as well.

Katherine Morneau, Law offices of Katherine J. Morneau P.L.L.C, Nashua, NH. Kate recently opened her own office and is looking for more DWI cleints. I have appeared in court with Kate and found her to be bright, tenatious and reasonable.


William T. Bly, Nielsen & Bly, P.C. Portsmouth, NH. Bill recently moved his office from Maine where he had lots of DWI experience.

New Hampshire Bar Association


Leigh Ann Bauer, Anchorage, Alaska. Leigh Ann sends us a lot of samples and I have done some telephonic testimony with her.


John K. Smerlinski, Smerlinski Law, Madison, Wisconsin. John found us only last year, but has been sending us many samples of blood for alcohol as well as drugs analyses when his OWI clients need our services. It is easy to work with his staff.


Matt Widmer, Angstman Law Office, Bethel, Alaska. An experienced DUI Attorney. Check out the great photos on their web site.


Douglas Nelson, The Roark Law Firm, LLC, Hailey, Idaho. A reliable DUI attorney who uses CG Labs for his analysis needs.


Mike Whipple & Thomas Hallett, The Hallett Law Firm, Portland, Maine. I do BAC profiles and retest blood samples for this reliable firm.


Stephen J. Schwartz, Schwartz & Schwartz, P.A., Portland, Maine. I do BAC profiles for Stephen.


Lloyd Nadel, Mineola, New York. Worked with the Nassau County crime lab to get samples released to us. We are good to go.


Fox, Bowman & Duarte, Bellevue, Washington. Experienced Seattle DUI attorneys protecting your legal interests.


Knapsack & Blair, Specialty DUI law firm serving Northern California.

Vermont Bar Association

Lawrence Taylor, California. Features the "DUI Resource Center"

Myles L. Berman, Los Angeles, CA.

Joshua Dale, San Francisco, CA. Site offers a BAC Chart that can be used to estimate BAC levels.

Louisiana Attorneys Gallagher Law firm works hard to ensure the best possible outcome for your personal injury, or car and truck accident case.





BAC Calculator, This calculator uses the exact equations that the Kinetics Model uses. I worked in collaboration with "BuzzCheck, Inc." to develop this online application. It also works on hand held devices that have an internet connection.


Paternity Testing Corporation. Although this company focuses on Paternity testing by DNA matching, they can also help you determine if the blood sample collected actually belongs to you. CG Labs, Inc. has a special agreement with PTC regarding blood testing. Visit their web site then call me!


Intoximeters, Inc. Manufacturers of the Intoximeter and the AlcoSensor, a hand held device used to determine breath alcohol levels. This site features the "DrinkWheel" which you can use to estimate your BAC based on how much has been consumed. Additionally there is plentiful background information relating to BACs.

DUI Professional, An Excellent site for DWI/DUI Information, including software to estimate BAC levels.



American Legal Education sponsors seminars for defense attorneys. Includes a course on certification to become an Intoxilyzer 5000 operator.


Eastern Analytical, Inc., Concord NH A full service Environmental Laboratory