Alcohol in blood, serum, or captured breath

An aliquot of the sample is added to an internal standard solution of
n-propanol inside a vial. The vial is then allowed to equilibrate in the Agilent 7694 Head Space Sampler before the resulting vapor is passed to the
split column Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph for analysis. The signals
generated by the Flame Ionization Detectors in the Chromatograph are
sent to the Agilent EZChrom Elite integrating software.

Rigorous quality controls are used throughout the process, including
only high quality traceable standards and controls.

Once the client report is generated, both an administrative and a
technical review are performed to ensure the accuracy and integrity of
the released results .

CG Labs participates in the following national testing programs:

  • The College of American Pathology
    • AL1 Whole Blood Alcohol/Volatiles Survey and
    • AL2 Serum Alcohol/Volatiles Survey (Starting in 2008)
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Blood Alcohol Proficiency Testing Project

Since its inception in 1995, CG Labs has successfully passed all tests.

Blood or serum analysis: $125
Sample pickup at the NH Forensic Lab: $20
Captured breath analysis: $160